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I am a writer: I give life to emotion, voice and vitality to ink and paper, and paint images that even the blind can see, all the while keeping company with characters that only I will understand and befriend. I am an artist in every sense of the word, taking everything creation has to offer and creating something new and unique with it – something all people can appreciate, something that can touch every heart. I write so that people can appreciate the beauty of story and rhythm.

My sisters on dA: :iconartandmusic4life: and :iconotaku--artist:

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Follow me on Instagram for photography I don't post on here! My username is the same: MistressofQuills -
CR = creative writing


I'm actually really excited because the class I took was a short story class, and unlike the last one, we wrote more than just one story (granted, last time we got a chance to edit multiple times and whatnot but I liked having the chance to try several kinds of pieces over a quarter). I'm not sure if I'll upload allllll of them here since I wasn't particularly happy with one or two of them, and since most of them need some serious editing, but just thought I'd let y'all know there's some actual shit coming your way!! ^_^
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I always notice the pianos, now. Cowering under drapes in corners with chipped keys and broken pedals, or resting on raised daises, too clean and reflective to possibly be used every day, they serve as constant reminders of my failure.

There are three in my parents’ house.

(I still remember mama yelling down the basement stairs at me to start my practice-time over again – she could always hear the silence of my laziness.)

There are two in the common rooms of my dorm.

(I can hear the playing even from outside, beyond the old brick walls; a boy with slender fingers and a smile at the corner of his mouth makes me catch my breath and I still, trembling at each fragile note lingering in the air. If I opened my eyes, they would be hovering, shimmering there.)

There is one in about 71% of the songs I love the most.

(Hovering, shimmering in the air around me as my throat burns to sing along.)

I tell people that I can sing from a sheet of music if you play it once and give me a starting note, and that I can’t play the piano, but I did take lessons as a kid, so – given enough time – I can figure out how to play something.

And yet, I wonder: whether the rolling crescendos and gently falling scales in “Heart of Stone” would still evoke my crooning harmonies, even if I could finally play them myself; whether the classical style of “Lacie” would still evoke the images of fairy tales every time I played it, or if the stories would disappear in the shadow of my exuberance at mastering it; whether the climbing arpeggios in “The Lonely” would still make my chest ache and burn, even if I finally figured out how that pattern went; whether, if I finally learned how to play it, “Cold” would still always inspire me to write.
piano lessons
Heya everybody! It's been quite a while!! (: This is a new piece I wrote last quarter for a creative writing class I took with a theme of brevity. This is the first in a series of 6 that we did, although only 5 of them turned out like I wanted so you'll only see 5 haha xDD I had a lot of fun in this class, and best of all, I think I got to improve my writing at least a bit, so I'm really happy with the results :D 

This was an assignment, and as such it's still in the editing stages, so any and all comments and critiques (as long as they're positive!) are welcome and very much appreciated!!

“Heart of Stone” by Iko; “Lacie” from the piano version from the Pandora Hearts soundtrack; “The Lonely” by Christina Perri; “Cold” by Aqualung and Lucy Schwartz


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